Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Have Been Tagged!!!

So I was checking out all of my SC S friends’ blogs and found out that I had been tagged! Thanks Dawn for adding me to your list! If you would like to check out Dawn’s blog, here it is. Amusing Musings & Things She always has music going…its pretty cool and she has great artwork as well!

So here it goes!!!

8 TV Shows or movies that I watch regularly:
- One Tree Hill (I know…still a teenager at heart)
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Private Practice
- ER
- American Idol (when it is on)
- Jon & Kate Plus 8 (with my girls who love it)
- The Big Bang Theory
- How I Met Your Mother

8 Things that happened yesterday
- I managed to get the girls to chorus on time
- It was payday!
- I received Happy Mail from my DSS Big Sis
- Oldest DD received letter from Grandma
- The 3 year old I watch had two potty accidents!
- Her dad was here early to pick her up!! Yeah
- Got a free pretzel from Aunt Annie’s
- SU! Shipment arrived!

8 Favorite Places to Eat
- My Cousin Maria’s when my Aunt Mary is visiting
- Outback Steakhouse
- BD Mongolian BBQ
- Friaco’s Mexican Cantina
- Puleos Grill while in Knoxville, TN
- Dean’s Grill (local place that has awesome breakfast)
- Cheesecake Factory
- Clara’s Italian Kitchen (local)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
- Friday, the 6th…going to Nuthouse (all night of stampin)
- End of February when my parents close on their new house
- Spring Break in April so I can take my kids to see their grandparents
- SPRING…tired of the snow
- Our family vacation to Orlando…look out Mickey Mouse (June)
- Family reunion in Tennessee over 4th of July weekend
- SU! Sell-a-bration over the next two months!
- Enjoying my pool with my kids over the summer!

8 Things on my Wish List
- Big Shot
- Bubble Bath
- Clinique Happy
- Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Cookbook
- New stamps
- A desk/office chair
- Hardwood Floors
- Peace and happiness for everyone around me

8 People Tag
- Deb
- Michelle
- Holly
- Jackie
- Diane
- Sara
- Kathy
- Kim P. aka the other Kim


Chrissy D said...

Congratulations! You won my BLog candy! Contact me at with your shipping information. Thanks!

Kim P said...

Hey Kim... I posted to my speaking blog!! Thanks for the little push!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh! I watch 6 out of 8 of your tv shows! haha and we both like BD's mongolian BBQ! cool!

Superbadfriend said...

Kim!!!!!!!! Wow it's been almost 20 years. So good to hear from you. Can't wait to catch up with ya.

How is Vincent? Hugs to you both.

Love your bloggity. xoxo

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