Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Well, I know I made myself a promise to stamp every day and blog every day. Well that promise has been broken! I have been super busy with assisting my parents with the sale of their home. A while back, I mentioned they were moving to Tennessee...well since then...they were really lucky and found a buyer for their house. They are closing on Monday. We have been cleaning out the house, carting boxes every where and now it is about over. I ended up with their entire I spent all day Tuesday organizing my pantry. You would think I would not need to shop for a year, but not so...we are piggies in this house! LOL

Not only have I been busy with them, I have been exhausted from keeping a friends 3 year old and two year old on top of my own kids. They totally wear me out, plus I feel like all I do is cook and clean up messes! I don't know how daycare providers have the energy. I keep thinking next year will be easier since they will be in pre-school a few days a week...NOT...their mommy is having another baby and due in February. All is good.

I have not been totally useless as far as stamping. I did manage to have a few stamp camps and a World Card Making Day event. Here are some samples of my cards that I made. If you want the details, here is the link to my Splitcoast Gallery.

Thanks for looking and checking things out! Off to try and organize the basement for more of the items I have accumulated from my parents' house! LOL

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Wendy said...

Hope you will find some time now to do some stamping and blogging.
I also love to do stamping. I have been living in the States in 1993 for 1 year as an Au Pair, and when I was there I bought a lot of mounted stamps, stamping I learned in the States. But 3 years ago I gave them to my aunt, because I didn't use them anymore. But now since we have a Hobby and scrapbookstore here in Belgium I started stamping again. Now I feel sorry I gave away all my nice stamps, but I can start collecting them again.
I will come back to visit your blog again.

Happy Holidays from Belgium,

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